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Did you know your notice can be viewed or listened to on billions of tablet screens, computers, tablets, televisions and even in the vehicles of each person, prospect, or business in the globe with the click of a button -- and all of this can be done FOR FREE? With the right formula to make engaging content, the biggest brands in the globe including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds more will actively promote, market, and share you with the globe for free - and some will promote and pay you for that privilege... How would that expand the reach of your message? Your profit potential? The growth of your business? It's a large idea, and it's called "You. Everywhere. Now."

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ISBN: 9781499152821 ISBN-10: 1499152825 Number Of Pages: 148 Published: 13th April 2014 Publisher: CreateSpace Country of Publication: US Dimensions (cm): 22.23 x 15.24 Weight (kg): 0.25
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