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I will share my knowledge and experience regarding marijuana laws, law enforcement, the Executive team, and employees, among others. I spent my time in the California and Colorado spaces dealing with this topic. I have been a Director of Security/Security Manager for a lot of years and for very popular and prominent businesses which included popular hotels and a very popular mansion. I have rubbed elbows with popular celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state including foreign presidents. Throughout this book I will give minor snippets of my interactions with these people as it relates to the topics of this book. In this book we will cover a variation of topics dealing with marijuana. We will discuss how to deal with law enforcement and other stakeholders. I will discuss mainly my experiences in Colorado dealing with marijuana and some extra info from California. Whatever state you're in I believe a lot of will follow the Colorado model as Colorado followed the California model before they went to legal recreational use. So what does this mean to us in the private sector? We must hold up with all the current laws and legal precedence occurring in our state courts. More importantly we must learn to deal with our practical applications regarding policies and procedures. No longer are the days where if you found marijuana on your property you would notify law enforcement and if you could pin point it to someone they would be arrested. Some law enforcement agencies don't even answer to marijuana problems unless it's a really big amount. So what's a private business to do? Hopefully a lot of of your questions will be answered in this book.Before I wrote this book I had a trusted mate of mine read the rough draft because I thought he would give me an honest opinion. He took the book with him, spent a small time reading it, and then came back and gave me a totally various opinion of what I expected. Here I am, trying to educate the private globe on the problems of marijuana but his opinion was that as he was reading the book he thought that the book was about showing people how to obtain away with having marijuana. He didn't know too much about amendment 64 any other Senate bills concerning marijuana so he thought that he could still obtain arrested for having little amounts on his person. So the feedback that I received was that this would present other people particularly in inner cities how to obtain away with circumventing marijuana laws. Well, that's not the intention of this book; the intention is to educate the private sector on what's going on with the current laws as of the date of this book. 420 refers to the date April 20th which makes spring break look like tea party in the doll house. On this day each marijuana law in the book is broken proudly and openly. Colorado residents and tourist alike gather at a designated park generally in front of Town Hall and light up, there is no other method to explain it. These people congregate for the sole purpose of showing their help for marijuana and of course obtain to obtain high while they're at it. I believe 420 day comes from the early stages of the legalization of Medical Marijuana in California which proposed senate bill 420 at the time and the rest is history. People used this day to rally versus their cause. Hundreds so to be thousands of people gather to openly light their marijuana while police presences makes sure it doesn't obtain out control. Some people obtain ticketed but it may be more for not cooperating with law enforcement than the marijuana violations. Even though marijuana is not to be smoked in public they all light up after all they can't arrest or even ticket everyone. I suspect this will actually grow into an enormous happening much like Mardi Gras unless the county puts a stop to it by banning it all together which will just move them somewhere else. I hope you have fun and apply some of these practices where you can.

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ISBN: 9781499143157 ISBN-10: 149914315X Number Of Pages: 54 Published: 14th April 2014 Publisher: CreateSpace Country of Publication: US Dimensions (cm): 22.91 x 15.19 Weight (kg): 0.09
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