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A GENTLER, CANADIAN FEMALE DAVE RAMSEY 'Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Cash and God' guarantees women cash peace by saying Help! Live WellWithin Your Means: Women, Cash and God says there is one, and only 1 respond for some women's financial woes: practical cash tools wedded to spiritual support. Her proven practical solutions coupled with simple, non-religious spiritual support will solve their financial troubles and bring happiness to their lives. Every chapter has easy, practical techniques, such as outlining a Cash History, Splurge Triggers, and One-Day-Soon Dream spending plan to support women obtain out of debt and stay out of debt. "But, cash tools alone cannot work this transformation for these women," Powerful says. "Every chapter ends with spiritual support, ideas such as, Designing her Own Spiritual Helper, Filling a Bath Tub with what energizes her, and concentrating on her Virtues not flaws, along with Prayers for the Courage to create the changes. These are the guarantee that the cash tools will stick. Why does this book focus only on women when men have a lot of financial problems, too? Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, originator of micro-loans, and author of Banker to the Poor, discovered society gets the biggest bang for the buck by helping women financially. When a woman has access to cash and is taught how to manage it, she uses the cash to benefit the entire family. Whereas, men tend to spend it on themselves. Aline Strong, B.Ed., M.A. says, "I researched and experimented with hundreds of financial and spiritual sources before developing this practical/spiritual system for financial prosperity and peace of mind. " Powerful worked as a teacher for 28 years and for the past 15 years has helped other women out of debt and into abundance and peace. Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Cash and God, available in May at amazon.com and amazon.ca, combines practical cash skills with spiritual support so these women can't support but succeed. Guaranteed. "It covered a lot of territory. The exercises are excellent. It got me thinking." -Jenny Schnoll, librarian "Simply the best book on managing your finances that I have read." -Nancy Sampson, financial advisor

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ISBN: 9780992039929 ISBN-10: 0992039924 For Ages: 1 - 17 years old Number Of Pages: 324 Published: 14th April 2014 Publisher: HPBooks Country of Publication: US Dimensions (cm): 22.9 x 15.2 Weight (kg): 0.44
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