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Everybody wants to save money. Nevertheless, most consumers are not willing to forsake their favorite products, entertainment, and travel choices. Effortless Savings gives them the solution: a easy and practical android game plan to create substantial savings without compromising their lifestyle. Effortless Savings is excellent for readers at any income level or household size. Its tactics cover everything from grocery shopping to banking and credit card techniques. There are easy, painless methods to reduce telecom, insurance and home energy bills as well as strategies for cutting the costs of dining out, entertainment, vacations and auto maintenance. And whether shopping for clothing and household goods, or health and beauty products, Effortless Savings has a wealth of effective hints that can save the reader thousands of dollars. Currently being used by The University of Fresh Brunswick (Canada's oldest English speaking university) for their Personal Financial Planning Course: BA 3421 "Effortless Savings is a practical manual on frugality and building savings. Richard's ideas are simple to read and even easier to apply. His end of chapter action points give readers an understandable street map to reaching their financial goals. This book isn't about complex formulas and calculations; it's about evaluating your time and using it to maximize your savings." Steve & Annette Economides Fresh York Times best-selling authors America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Cash "Effortless Savings is also effortless reading, a light and breezy guidebook that can yield weighty results. Richard Syrop's hints often go beyond the usual which led me to highlighting ideas on nearly each page. Short but sweet, "Effortless Savings" will galvanize you to create numerous and painless spending cuts and live more abundantly." Lorilee Craker Fresh York Times best-selling author Cash Secrets of the Amish "Effortless Savings is full of hints that daily people with regular expenses can open using right away. This book is not for the black belt frugalistas who can squeeze every penny until it screams for mercy, choosing to live without internet or cell phones....this book is for the person with regular family-style expenses who wants to chop their telecom bills in half." Deborah Taylor-Hough Author of Frugal Living for Dummies(r) "Richard Syrop's book is absolutely the real thing! It's practical, simple, simple to read, and it definitely delivers. Begin this book to any page and the tip given will be sound, easily-applied and effortlessly life-changing. Buy this book, and then obtain out your yellow marker!" JoAnneh Nagler Author of The Debt-Free Spending Plan "Chock full of money-saving ideas, Effortless Savings pays for itself before you finish the 1st chapter. A awesome guide for any cost-conscious consumer. Syrop's meticulously researched book makes saving easy." Jon Yates Author of What's Your Problem? "Effortless Savings is the economic Swiss Troops knife you've been looking for. This simple to read savings manifesto will support you reclaim the power in your relationships with service providers, painlessly change your habits, and place a few more bills back in your wallet. An authentic life-hackers guide to the savings universe." Christopher Greenslate Co-author of On a Dollar a Day

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ISBN: 9780989015608 ISBN-10: 0989015602 Number Of Pages: 192 Published: 14th April 2014 Publisher: White Willow Press Country of Publication: US Dimensions (cm): 20.3 x 13.3 Weight (kg): 0.2
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