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With drug info rapidly migrating to the Web, the chronically bad standards of drug info available to consumers in the developed and the developing globe are being further compromised. This book offers insight into the uncharted waters of prescription drug info and promotion on the internet and suggests how it might be transformed into an unprecedented agent for good. It traces the social and political history of prescription drug info and marketing to Western consumers, offers a social and communicative profile of prescription drug Web sites, and evaluates the most widely used sources of prescription drug information, from government organizations and info companies and TV-related sites, to health service provider sites, manufacturers' brand sites, and social media, including YouTube and Wikipedia. The focus throughout is on practical outcomes: How can info for consumer decision making be optimized and how can consumers use it responsibly?

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  • Jon C. Schommer, Lewis H. Glinert
  • Peter Lang Publishing Inc
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ISBN: 9781433125096 ISBN-10: 1433125099 Series: Health Communication Number Of Pages: 192 Published: 14th April 2014 Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing Inc Country of Publication: US Dimensions (cm): 23.0 x 15.5 Weight (kg): 0.41 Edition Number: 2 Edition Type: New edition
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